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EMDR Can Be Used To Treat Chronic Pain and Migraines

Treating Chronic Pain and Migraines

Are you at a loss when it comes to treating your chronic pain and migraines? Treating non- medical chronic pain or conditions like Fibromyalgia or TMJ with medications is costly and may have long term negative effects. Targeted medications for Migraines are known to be iatrogenic, that is they may actually end up making your headache last longer and be more painful in the end. Many know long term opiate use results in depression, possible dependency and increased sensitivity to pain as natural endorphins (brain derived painkillers) become diminished. CBD is the new replacement for opiate prescription but it is so new that we have no research showing the long-term impact of using this chemical. We have brain scans that show a devastating impairment of functioning in marijuana use that should not be ignored.

Treating without medicine

Non-pharmacological treatment includes EMDR and Heart Centered Hypnotherapy as pathways to not treat, but eliminate these painful conditions that the medical community can only partially treat at best.  Specific protocols have been developed to eliminate pain by letting the body provide a path to identify the source and then processing those emotions or situations related. Finding all the sources and triggers is key to not having the condition reoccur and now with Heart Centered Hypnotherapy the subconscious is employed to show us all resulting in a permanent resolution. I have watched TMJ resolve in a single session! The Migraine Protocol is evidence based (backed by research)) to take Migraine pain to a 0 from a 10 in 30 minutes and when combined with Heart Centered Hypnotherapy to flush out triggers, the headaches do not return.

If you are looking for an alternative way to your chronic pain and migraines give me a call. I use some alternative methods, which are very effective.