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Chronic Migraines – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

Treating Chronic Migraines

Have you ever had a migraine? Then you understand how painful they can be, and they’re even worse when you get them all the time. Chronic migraines have often been treated with heavy over the counter medication. There are few things that you can do to find relief from these massive headaches. There are people that struggle every day ad find themselves sitting quietly in dark rooms with damp washcloths over their faces. If you’re someone that hates the idea of taking medication, then alternative therapy might be for you.


What causes a migraine?

The short answer to this question, is that we don’t know. When going to your practitioner, they will perform tests, but they can’t pinpoint the reason that you are having migraines. In fact, the main reason that they complete tests is to make sure that there is no underlying condition. A migraine can be a symptom of a much worse problem, so the tests are used to rule out that scenario. You have those that think a migraine is nothing more than a bad headache, but those people obviously have never had one. A migraine is a collection of symptoms that results in the throbbing of your brain. A migraine can last for a few hours, or it can go as long as three days. During your migraines, you will be extremely sensitive to light, sound, touch, and smell.

Migraines do vary in different degrees, and not every migraine will leave you incapacitated. However, when you have chronic migraines they can greatly interrupt your life. You can’t call out of work every time you have a migraine, and this can also affect your social life. Once you feel a migraine’s symptoms, you can take medication, but it is often too late. You just have to treat the symptoms until the migraine stops. Over half of people suffering from migraines are never treated because they just deal with their symptoms as a part of their daily lives. Cohen is proud to give you an alternative to pain relief through innovative therapy.


What innovative migraine treatment does Herb Cohen offer?

EMDR is a perfect solution for patients suffering from migraine or any other chronic pain. Through EMDR you can completely resolve the symptoms of a migraine within 30 minutes. You no longer have to wait for medication to kick in, or suffer through a migraine that lasts three days. Patients taking medication normally don’t feel relief of migraines for an hour, and then they still have symptoms. Take a new approach to your migraine treatment by trying out EMDR with Herb Cohen.

Medication is not the answer for everything, when you can use alternative therapies to achieve greater results. It’s your life, do you really have time to sit around and nurse the symptoms of painful migraines? Chronic migraines are easily resolved with the help of Herb Cohen. If you find that you are suffering from migraines, contact us today to go over your treatment options. We’re here to help you, and to relieve the pain in your daily life.