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Chronic Pain and Migraines

Hundreds of individuals live with headaches, chronic pain and migraines each and everyday. We have a memory network which includes emotional memory in both our mind and our body. The body works to help us operate within our capacity and often we exceed that capacity because we are not dealing with everything we need to attend to such as our health, past unresolved emotional or relationship issues, problems in the workplace or other issues that we are not currently paying attention to.

Chronic Pain

Our body and head do not have a voice but expresses itself through stiffness and or pain. For example, if I am doing too much and really need to slow down but ignore such reality.  Instead I push myself to take on more (perhaps I need to prove myself). My body lets me know this is not ok by making my legs stiff and painful (to slow down). If I continue to ignore these signs, my legs will spread the pain and make my legs useless. Doctors cannot find a reason for my legs not working or for why they hurt. I am told it’s all in my head, but actually it is in the body. Many people simply feel they must live with this pain and suffer needlessly.

I am not talking about acute health issues or recent surgery where pain is expected. Injury or surgery are both traumas and like emotional memory, that pain memory gets fixed and is remembered over and over as chronic pain. 80 % of chronic pain is memory.  EMDR can desensitize memory regardless of whether it is part of a mental memory network or part of a physical pain memory network. Thus, chronic pain from aching backs, necks, fibromyalgia, medically undiagnosed pain, phantom limb pain and more are treatable without medications.  Exceptions are regional limb pain and acute situations where current medical conditions are actively causing pain.

Chronic Migraines

Migraines, cluster, tension and other headaches are treatable with a physical intervention and triggers are desensitized with EMDR. This approach is the only approach able to take an active Migraine rated at a 10 out of a 0-10 pain level and get to 0 in 30 minutes average. This is backed by peer reviewed medical research where the method went head to head against pain pharmacology. Big Pharmo could not compete and took an hour to get to 3 at best.

Pharmacology did not sustain unless repeated and in the long run was iatrogenic, meaning patients were more sensitive to pain in long term use. This protocol has the ability to permanently eliminate headaches depending on what triggers can be desensitized. Note: Brain aneurisms, recent concussions, recent TBI, brain tumors and strokes are conditions that are not treatable with this Procedure. If you are dealing with chronic pain and migraines, I can help you.

Finding Help for Chronic Pain and Migraines

Where emotional past situations need resolution to eliminate being a trigger, to resolve such, ongoing EMDR may be indicated. Click here to fill out my online contact form or call me at (631) 697 9850. Finding help for your chronic pain and migraines is only a phone call away.

EMDR therapist Chronic Pain

According to WebMD, “About 25% of people with chronic pain will go on to have a condition called chronic pain syndrome (CPS). That’s when people have symptoms beyond pain alone, like depression and anxiety, which interfere with their daily lives.” 

What is the difference between Acute and Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is sometimes defined as pain that has lasted greater than 12 weeks. Acute pain can be associated with an injury. Chronic pain is very different in the fact that can last for months and even years.

How Does Chronic Pain occur?

Chronic pain can begin from an initial injury, such as a back sprain or could be caused by a illness. The cause of the pain may sometimes be unclear. Health issues such as fatigue, sleeping disturbances, decrease appetite and mood changes are often associated with chronic pain. This type of pain may cause limitations on mobility, which can result in flexibility, strength and stamina issues.