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Treatment Resistant Depression

There is no such thing as Treatment Resistant Depression. This phrase was coined by Pharmacology as a Marketing ploy to sell new medications (Ketamine) since SSRI’s are no more effective than Placebo.

Self Healing Depression Without Drugs, Medication Psychotherapy Optional

We can heal Depression permanently by moving energy out of the part of our body where Depression manifests, and repeating this so it becomes a conditioned state. Just doing the Yoga and /or Chi Qong exercises, one experiences relief instantly.

Exercises to Move out of Dorsal Vagal

These exercises if practiced 3x daily before meals for 3 weeks can condition the body to not move energy into the Dorsal Vagus, thus not allowing us to feel depressed or shut down as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Videos For Healing

This collection of therapy videos is design to help you heal and recovery from the comfort of your  home . We all learn and heal in different ways. That is why I have created a number of Therapy Videos for those who benefit most from this type of therapy. It allows you to feel like you are connected with me in a one-on-one session. Please let me  know if you have any questions or special request.

The Systemic Failure of the Disease Model in Medicine, M. H., Substance Abuse & Criminal Justice

The Disease Model in which we label symptoms of the disease as the disease, and then treat those symptoms vs addressing the cause, permeates medicine, mental health, substance use treatment and criminal justice. It is complicate in systemic failures within each of these domains.

Addressing Resistance Being in Flow

Resistance to being takes on may forms such as interpersonal distress and disease. In this video I clarify these and how in awareness we can identify them and move in the direction of being in flow without any resistance..

Practice Flow

Use this video to practice flow.

Healing With The Merkaba

This video offers us a healing tool known as the Merkaba, that will be activated, and I will demonstrate how to clear chakras and activate energetic healing.

The Suboxone Lawsuit

Suboxone makers have misled providers and the public. Now they must answer to a class action lawsuit and I will provide a link to that for people who are suffering on this drug. I present the pros and cons of this drug as well as provide an alternate path and paradigm to treating opiate/opioid dependence.

Is Self Healing Possible Part 2

What if we had evidence Self Healing is happening and has been happening for decades? Let’s explore the Placebo effect as a template for self healing. What is our Government, the Media and Big Pharma’s reaction to this possibility?

The Perfect Therapy Combining EMDR and Hypnotherapy

I am a Certified EMDR Consultant and a Certified Clincal Hypnotherapist and I have discovered limitations with EMDR psychotherapy. EMDR can only desensitize and we do not want to desensitize all, as some emotions have cathartic healing possibilities when properly expressed.

Trust or the Act of Not Distrusting

To increase trust we need to decrease distrust or treat past injuries created by past distrust. There is no action of trusting except to reduce the presence of distrust. Trust can only be defined by distrust as in a trusting relationship, the issue of trust need not exist.

Is Self Healing Possible?

This video blog explores the concept of self healing by looking at the placebo effect and the role it plays in pharmacology. I expand to other possible opportunities for self healing, research and other applications.

Adapting to the Covid 19 Pandemic

In this brief video, I introduce a metaphor in which a gentler view of trauma and approaching trauma recovery is presented.

Trauma as Rancid Food A New Paradigm

In this brief video, I introduce a metaphor in which a gentler view of trauma and approaching trauma recovery is presented.

Eating Disorders and Dissociation

Eating Disorders are very difficult to treat parallel to drug and alcohol addiction. One major difference is the presence of dissociation. I explore that presence and how it has played a deceptive role in treatment and recovery from Eating Disorders.

Past Life Regression Therapy

In this video I will explain how visiting past lives can benefit us as a person help us evolve as a soul. I will clarify misconceptions such as releasing Karmic debt and chord cutting. Our soul has chosen specific memories back in time to explore with a gift of special lessons to integrate into our current life.

Psychic Attack vs Psychosis

Survivors of trauma often end up in a mental health setting either misdiagnosed as mentally ill or co-morbid with mental illness. I have found one-third of trauma survivors develop psychic abilities as a result of being hyper-vigilant. This can open them to be vulnerable to lower energy attacks that resemble psychosis but do not respond to medications as they are not generated by the mind or thought processes. This video serves to differentiate between psychosis and psychic attacks.

Use This Video To get Out Of Pain Now

In this video I am taking viewers through two powerful techniques (about 15 minutes) to remit pain for hours to possibly days. The techniques utilize EMDR and Hypnotherapy to remove the sensations of physical pain or even severe itch. This can be used to supplement pain medications and /or hopefully for some, to replace them. Dedicated to the Pharmacology Industry

Is Suboxone the New Methadone

Buprenorphine or Suboxone is now being promoted as a part of medically assisted treatment for Heroin addiction treatment. In this video, I call attention to some of the challenges presenting with this drug and question using it as a treatment option for addiction.

Hypnotherapy vs EMDR

In this video, I will share the similarities and differences between EMDR Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I explain why these powerful therapies are most indicated for trauma and addiction. Both have particular strengths and can do what the other can’t, yet they can also be merged and integrated. This can be a guide to clarify which psychotherapy is best suited for your particular healing needs.

Moving Beyond Forgiveness

Forgiveness helps us let go and move on and no doubt a well-timed “I’ m Sorry” can help us repair some misunderstanding. There are times when forgiving is difficult and in this video I will show how forgiveness can even not be in our best interest. Survivors of trauma often wrestle with how to forgive what seems unforgivable. Here is an alternative that as well facilitates letting go.

Switching Alcohol and Drug Dependency Off Without Detox or Expensive Reab

Why do some become addicted to some drugs and / or alcohol and others do not?

hy Ant-Anxiety Medications Should NEVER Be Prescribed To People with Anxiety

Benzodiazapines are a controlled class of prescribed medications that are commonly prescribed for anxiety. They are however most prescribed to the very people who have the highest risk of becoming addicted to them- those suffering from anxiety and/or anxiety and addiction. I will explain why this is so in this must-see video.

Slow Motion Snow Meditation

Just float with the snow and let yourself relax deeply. Enjoy!

Shame and Intrinsic Shame

When recovering from addiction via 12 steps, via treatment for addiction or on your own, shame is n emotional dynamic at play and understanding the two levels of shame can make a difference between sustained recovery and relapse.

Use This Video To get Out Of Pain Now

In this video, I am taking viewers through two powerful techniques (about 15 minutes) to remit pain for hours to possibly days. The techniques utilize EMDR and Hypnotherapy to remove the sensations of physical pain or even severe itch. This can be used to supplement pain medications and /or hope for some, to replace them. Dedicated to the Pharmacology Industry.

How Gender Identity and Sexual Prefernce are Impacted by Sexual Assault

In treating PTSD and childhood traumas, I experience that sexual assault can wreak havoc on adult sexuality. In this video I will explain how childhood sexual assault impacts sexual preference and/or gender identity.

Energy Meditation Transmuting Worthlessness With Love

Herb channels healing energy to transmute worthlessness into love. This opens the gates to healthy spirituality.

Homemade Chicken Soup Energy Meditation

They say Chicken Soup can heal anything. Dive in to the magical healing frequency of a delicious bowl of chicken soup. Soak up the nurturing energy in this warm and soothing guided energy meditation.

Being on The Fence About Starting Therapy

Are you debating whether to engage trauma therapy? In this video I explore the fears that may challenge us in making an appointment that will allow us to reclaim our life.

Treating Migraines with Integrated EMDR

The Headache Protocol by Dr.Steven Marcus is the only existing method that can take a migraine from 10-0 in 30 min.and can lead to permanent resolution.

Mindfulness vs. Separation: Our Mind Deceiving Us

A deeper look at our process of perception as filtered through our self identified state. We learn how even subtle deceit can lead to suffering and thus the importance of mindful attention.

Rapid Grounding Using Flow

We can neutralize distress in seconds by taking our awareness into the body, to discover our own energetic vibration. From there we can launch into meditation or raise our frequency as demonstrated in the video: Herb Cohen Flow.

Warm Hands Planting the Seeds of Self Love

A simple tool to foster healing wounds of the heart. Anyone can benefit from enhancing self Love with this gentle nurturing exercise.

Herb Cohen Flow

Using Flow to Explore Frequencies and Attain Higher Consciousness