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Herb Cohen Client Experience

Through Challenging Life Events

~ “Herb’s compassion and wisdom in guiding me through challenging life events made this journey a rewarding experience. The tools he demonstrated to help cope with stressful situations kept me grounded and able to work through issues in a safe and healthy way.” ~ J.M.

Technique of EMDR

~ Herb’s technique of EMDR has worked wonders on me. I went from being anxious, depressed and full of doubt to becoming calm, happy and confident.  For the first time, I was able to discontinue one of my medications and I am now working on stopping the other. I would recommend Herb Cohen and EMDR to anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. ~ S. K.

Extremely Compassionate and Highly Intuitive Counselor

~ Herb Cohen has been an extremely compassionate and highly intuitive counselor. His extensive knowledge in the neurobiology of trauma has helped me enormously in understanding the physical symptoms I have endured during my lifetime of abuse and it's effects. Herb is gentle in demeanor and continually offers welcome guidance in a non-threatening manner. His commitment and success in reaching trauma victims like me with EMDR has been extraordinary.

Herb is a leader in EMDR which has become an enormous tool in my recovery as I am dealing with multiple traumas and PTSD.  We have used EMDR to neutralize a memory from when I was 5 years old that was excruciatingly harmful and hurtful. I started out with intense emotional pain and anger and Herb safely guided me as I experienced the trauma and used EMDR as my tool to render it no longer a trigger. I have experienced firsthand how this "detoxification process" has helped me live less painfully!  

Herb is also the most patient therapist I have ever known. He is accomplished and solutions oriented. He doesn't allow me to "get stuck". He offers me real life solutions to get myself out of my head and ego states of anger or fear and concentrates on problem solving. He has empathy and compassion in abundance. 

Herb takes a personal interest in all of his clients. He runs a trauma informed peer support group which is free of charge and very helpful in allowing survivors a safe place to express their feelings and find support in one another. 

He also presents talks which are meant to educate the community on trauma related issues like addiction. I feel that he has the most effective tools and mindset and understanding of addiction that I have ever known. He has also been highly successful in using EMDR as a treatment for addictions ranging from heroin to eating disorders. He also has extensive knowledge in the treatment of sexual abuse. 

The most important thing I can stress about Herb is that he lives his own philosophy on how to treat one another. He has taught me to remove myself from my victimization and love myself above all else. As a result, I am therefore able to think about helping others and the greater good. He does this by example. I am honored to know him and be his client.  ~ L.P.

Thanks To Herb and EMDR I Have My Life Back

~I started my EMDR journey about a year and a half ago. Looking back now, I can’t believe how far I’ve come thanks to Herb and EMDR. After years and years of trying all different types of therapy, nothing cured me. I felt like I was just meant to live this horrible life I was leading. I came to Herb with the hopes of helping me get over 2 of my main fears and phobias- driving and flying. These phobias just quickly developed over the years and the feelings were so strong that nothing could ever get me to drive a car or fly in a plane again. I thought I was going to live life solely in my home and never get to see the world. Within our first 3 sessions, I started to drive again after not being behind the wheel in 2 years. It still blows my mind how fast it happened and that I’m actually able to drive again. The next hurdle to overcome was to fly. I haven’t been on a plane in 9 years and all I want to do is see the world. With hard work and dedication, Herb thought I was finally ready to fly, so I booked a short 45 minute flight to Boston and I flew there for the day. To my surprise, I had no anxiety. Zero. I was fearless. Two weeks later, I went on my first vacation in 9 years. I finally feel like I’m living my life. I cannot thank Herb enough. No other therapist or social worker or anyone was able to help me the way Herb has. I am so incredibly grateful to him. Herb, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me become me again. To anyone else reading this, if you meet with Herb and pursue EMDR, I guarantee you he will change your life the way he has changed mine. ~ KC

Changed My Life

~Herb presented with a calming confidence in sharing that he believed the intense suffering and out of control addiction I was experiencing could be taken care of. Naturally I was skeptical coming from a long history of inpatient, outpatient and rehabilitation programs and therapies. I thought, nothing has worked so why should EMDR?  I am living proof it works as I have no desire for a drink or a drug since doing this therapy...I am drug and alcohol free. This has been tested many times over and there is no desire for a drink or a drug...not even a thought! I am working on my past and feel stronger and more positive about my future. I have watched my life be reclaimed, and I am not anything like the hopeless, pained person who at the start of therapy.

Herb has a lot of tools and has kept me focused and motivated. He has worked with my inner parts and connected me to higher consciousness so I feel my recovery has been truly multidimensional. I feel now there is no limit to what I can accomplish, even with more work to do on myself, going forward. Thank you, Herb, for changing my life! ~C. P.