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Getting Help For Chronic Pain – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

Treating Chronic Pain

A hot button issue in the medical community is the treatment of chronic pain. If you have turned on a television lately, you can’t flip a few channels without hearing something about the opioid condition of your world. In the past, several decades doctors have used medications to relieve pain, but in doing so they have created a generation of addicts. These patients suffer from intense pain, and then they become dependent on the pain relievers they use to help this pain. Pain relievers only provide a temporary solution to a lifelong problem. Then, when you add in the risks of addiction, opioids aren’t worth all the pain. If you’re suffering from chronic pain Herb Cohen can use alternative therapies to treat you.


What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is described as pain that is never ending. You can develop chronic pain from old age or from trauma in your life. For example, if you are in a car accident you can develop spinal pain that makes it difficult to perform tasks. Even sitting in a chair with chronic pain is a chore. It makes sense that patients would turn to medication to provide a sense of relief. However, since chronic pain can be lifelong, medication isn’t the right solution. Patients need to consider healthier alternatives to fix the issue. Most patients find that the pain pills are the worse part of chronic pain. Going through withdrawals is often more painful than the original injury. So, patients spend an exorbitant amount of money every year to put a band aid on a problem that never sees lasting results.


Think twice before taking medication.


We’ve talked a lot about the addictive properties of medication, but it’s worth repeating. Doctors recognize the problem with opiates now more than ever before. A few decades ago doctors weren’t aware of the side effects of these pharmaceutical drugs, and they didn’t know how addictive they were. You can see now that many people that get addicted to these opiates, can no longer afford them, s they end up turning to heroin. The entire process is a vicious cycle that never ends positively. We offer you an alternative that works with reprogramming your mind to handle the pain.


What will EMDR do?

Through EMDR therapy, Cohen can reprogram your brain to pay attention to the signals of your body. When you’re in the middle of a tiring hike many individuals will push through the pain. They will continue to hike even if they feel that their body is telling them to stop. So, your brain begins to recognize that your knees are sensitive to pain and the memory repeats itself continually. We work on breaking this cycle my desensitizing the memory.

Herb Cohen believes that you deserve to live a life that is free from chronic pain, and you shouldn’t have to rely on pain medication. We can help reprogram your brain to move past the pain. Contact us today to see all our available treatment options.