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New Developments in Understanding and Treating Anxiety and Depression

We now can see that Depression is energetically expressed (emotions are energy) in our Dorsal Vagal, of our Poly Vagal Nerve. The Poly Vagal is the largest nerve running from the base of our brain to the bottom of our body and connected to our limbs. It has three main parts, Ventral, Automatic Nervous and Dorsal. In Ventral we feel normal, related and calm. In Automatic, we are anxious or angry (fight/ flight). In Dorsal we are shut down, as in depression, depersonalization, dissociation, and syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

 We can move energy to quickly release feeling anxious or depressed (or other shut down states) by applying a Chi Qong exercise that is thousands of years old. This if done 3x times a day for 3weeks can operatively condition one to not activate Dorsal Vagal. Hypnotherapy can still be used to treat the causes and make remission permanent.