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Discovering The Causes of Eating Disorders – Huntington New York

Causes of Eating Disorders

Mental health issues are a problem with children and adults in the Huntington NY area, and most people go through life without seeking treatment. One of the most prominent issues, that begins in adolescence, is an eating disorder. Although most people are aware of the causes of eating disorders, patients suffering need treatment. It is so important that people seek out help because this is a disease that will kill you. It isn’t just that someone feels that they need to lose weight, generally there are deep seeded issues that can only be helped through intensive therapies and programs. Herb Cohen is trained to treat the various types of eating disorders in alternative and healthy ways.


Before treating an eating disorder, you must decide what type it is:

There are many different types of eating disorders and some can go undiagnosed for years. For example, if you have a Compulsive Eating Disorder you have unhealthy eating habits, but you continue any way. So, you could be a Binge Eater, that actively knows you are eating too much in one sitting. Any time you have an unhealthy relationship with food, it could be considered a sign of a problem. Binge eating could just be the beginning of your realization.


Anorexia and Bulimia are the two most common eating disorders. With anorexia, the patient will focus on restricting their calories and exercising. Most patients suffering from eating disorders also suffer from body dysmorphia where they can’t see an accurate view of their body. So, patients will drop weight to 100 pounds and still see themselves at a larger weight. Bulimia is where a patient will eat in excess and then throw up what they eat, to avoid gaining weight. Patients feel that throwing up the food allows them to enjoy a meal, without worrying about calories. Bulimics damage their dental health as well as their overall health


What are signs of an eating disorder?

We’ve mentioned previously that some people go most of their lives without an eating disorder being diagnosed. Here are some signs that you are struggling with an eating disorder:


  • You diet even though you are significantly underweight.
  • Your weight fluctuates constantly.
  • You constantly obsess over the caloric and fat content of food.
  • You have a ritual when you eat, which might include cutting your food into tiny pieces or only eating alone. You could even be hiding food.
  • You cook meals for others, but will only eat simpler versions.
  • You suffer from depression.
  • You avoid social situations, and can easily become withdrawn and isolated.
  • You swing back and forth between fasting and overeating.


How do eating disorders begin?

It can be as simple as a teenager wanting to lose some weight, and then the peer pressure of looking a certain way takes a patient to the extreme. However, childhood trauma can also be responsible for eating disorders. Those that have suffered from abuse can find themselves with an eating disorder, because food is one of the few things that they can control.


If you want to find out the causes of eating disorders you’re struggling with, contact me today. I can help you heal and move forward!