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Causes of Eating Disorders – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

What Are The Various Causes of Eating Disorders

There are many people suffering from eating disorders all throughout the world. There are many different theories, but what are the actual causes of eating disorders? The answer isn’t so simple. You have many different types of eating disorders, so it isn’t like you’re going to find a one-size-fits-all solution. One thing most experts agree on, is that an eating disorder is the result of behavioral, biological, social, and psychological factors. Eating disorders are complex, which means that your treatment options should be specific to your needs. Herb Cohen has extensive experience treating eating disorders in alternative ways. There are many different types of eating disorders, and they can start at several different periods of your life.


Social Dieting

 There is a large amount of peer pressure for both men and women to “fit-in” with what they think are standards of attractiveness. Oftentimes, people take dieting to extremes which is where they develop eating disorders. Many individuals diet to lose weight because they feel they are unhealthy, but they don’t seek professional advice. The younger that you diet, the higher the risk that you’ll be dieting for the rest of your life. Most eating disorders begin in adolescence, but there are some adults that find themselves with eating disorders later in life.


Does Gender Affect Eating Disorders?

Although most people think that women make up most eating disorders, new research shows that males are affected just as much. The difference in findings, is that males are often misdiagnosed. There is a rise in the number of males diagnosed with eating disorders, and this is due to physicians correctly documenting their mental health.


Relapsing: One of the Major Problems of Eating Disorders

When being treated for an eating disordered, recovery is only half of the battle. Once a person is “healthy” there is always a risk for a relapse. At traditional facilities, a patient will gain weight while in treatment, but they’ll lose it when they get home. However, there are alternative methods that work on reprogramming the way your brain operates. These alternative approaches have higher success rates than traditional in-patient treatment facilities.


What are the types of eating disorders?

Eating disorders go by many names, and two of the most commonly known are Anorexia and Bulimia. With Anorexia, those suffering from this disorder restrict their calories and work out to avoid gaining weight. Bulimia occurs when the patient binge eats and then throws up the food they consume to not gain weight. There are also people that suffer from episodes of Binge Eating (where they have no idea they’ve entered a binge) and compulsive eating where patients recognize they have unhealthy eating habits.

Herb Cohen understands that there are several different causes of eating disorders, and that each patient needs an individualized treatment plan. No matter what the cause of your condition is, there is a treatment. Contact us today to find out about our treatment programs. Start taking steps toward a healthier tomorrow and a healthier you.