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EMDR and Hypnotherapy: Which Is Best For Me?

What is EMDR and Hypnotheapy? Can these therapies help me? Learn the difference and much more in this article.

What is Hynotheapy?

Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy that allows us to work through and heal wounds both recent and past with amazing efficacy. Hypnotherapy differs from EMDR Psychotherapy in that EMDR desensitizes distressful memories where in hypnotherapy we are re-empowered to say what we could not at that moment and emotional pain is expressed and released followed by inner child healing. In one session there is a profound release of negative emotions and resolution resulting in meaning change.

What is EMDR Threapy?

What is EMDR? In EMDR we also target meaning change but completing desensitization to get there can take several sessions. I have learned from doing both EMDR and Hypnotherapy that emotions such as sadness and anger are best not desensitized but best expressed and released. The reason for this is that these emotions have function in advancing healing and meaning change. Anger naturally arises when fear (powerlessness) is either released or desensitized. Anger’s function is to re-empower us and we need that to happen to heal. We experience sadness as an expression of grieving what we did not have and this facilitates letting go. Expression and release can be integrated into EMDR processing so that a hybrid results that maybe the best of both worlds.

Preference and Why 

Some people respond better to EMDR than Hypnotherapy and EMDR is better for treating addiction and phobias, and FLASH a new EMDR method allows single events to be processed without activating the distressful causal memories at all!

Hypnotherapy does not put people in a state in which they have no control, but rather the opposite is true. Relaxation is used to put us in hyper focused state where we can be empowered to achieve things not possible in any other way. For example, Hypnotherapy can in just few minutes turn pain channels off so no physical pain in experienced for hours, replacing the need for medication. Self hypnosis is easy so it can be repeated anywhere outside the office.

I recently had a severe allergic reaction to poison sumac on my arms and legs. I was covered with itchy painful blisters all over my arms and legs and I just wanted to rip my skin off. I could not think or function but had a full week scheduled. I did self hypnotherapy for pain but substituted itch for pain. It took 10 minutes and I had zero itch for 7 hours. At 5pm I repeated the Hypnotherapy and was able to get through the 9 days of symptoms. This is taking the placebo effect and putting it to therapeutic use.

In pharmaceutical trials the placebo effect must be beaten by 50% to get an FDA approval. The Placebo effect is 30%, that is regardless of the disease or targeted symptoms, 30% of test subjects will remit there suffering because they believed they were taking a powerful medication rather than an inert pill that did nothing. The power of the mind to heal has been proven in each of these trials. In Hypnotherapy we are deliberately exploiting this power and it works 100% of the time in Hypnotherapy, not 30%.


EMDR and Hypnotherapy can be employed to heal non- medical physical pain such as Fibromyalgia, Migraines and TMJ.  Both can be used to enhance our sense of wellness and advance us on our path through life’s journey as well as spiritually.

Stop wondering what is EMDR and Hypotherapy, and begin healing. I Offer long distance therapy sessions over Skype and zoom, or you can visit my office in Huntington New York.