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PTSD Treatment – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

PTSD Treatment

Many people walk throughout their daily life suffering from a version of PTSD that is a result of childhood trauma. Finding a successful PTSD treatment can be a daunting task. Whether you are overcoming abuse, or emotional damage from a divorce, these issues can plague your adulthood. If we don’t seek treatment we will relive the trauma from our past for the rest of our lives. Children that suffer from abuse find that they turn into abusive adults. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective treatment for dealing with various forms of PTSD.


What is EMDR?

Rapid eye movement (REM) of sleep is credited with providing many healing properties to the brain. In fact, in 1987, under Francine Shapiro, PHD, REM was used to successfully treat PTSD. Now, EMDR is a leading way to treat PTSD and other disorders. When you deal with trauma, your brain tries to block out the memory to survive. Your brain recognizes that the traumatic experience is one that you shouldn’t have to live with, so the brain acts as though it doesn’t exist. However, in freezing this memory there is no closure, and the memory remains intact, and this memory continues to remain damaging for the rest of your life. Your brain needs to be reprogrammed to provide real healing. Instead of these images being negative, EMDR provides a way for therapists to make these memories neutral.


Do you have unresolved trauma?

There are many symptoms of trauma that you could be living with right now. Most victims of childhood trauma completely block out the memories. So, as adults, they are unaware why they have emotional issues. It takes recalling the memories to remember exactly what happened. However, there are some signs that you could have suffered from some forms of trauma, like:

  • Panic attacks that occur in every day, normal, situations.
  • Having shameful feelings that you are unworthy, bad, or unimportant
  • Having issues with depression
  • Avoiding people or places that remind you of a traumatic event.
  • Nightmares, flashbacks, or body memories
  • Using addiction to escape feelings
  • Having sleeping issues
  • Feeling cold, or dead inside, which also leads to isolation
  • Suicidal thoughts, and much more.


Trauma is a sensitive issue with anyone, and PTSD needs to be treated. This is not something that will go away on its own. There are many adults that get worse over time because they don’t seek treatment. We use EMDR effectively to treat the root of the trauma. There is hope for the future, and we want you to have a healthy outlook that is free from the trauma of your past.

Herb Cohen offers PTSD treatment in an innovative and effective way. Herb is a licensed Creative Art Therapist that has been treating people for over 20 years. He has treated those suffering from sexual abuse, addiction, depression, and much more. Contact us today to go over our treatment options, and to find solutions to the trauma of your past. Even if you are located across the country, or the world, you can contact Herb through the phone, Skype, or Zoom sessions. Take steps toward a better you today!