Anyone who  has suffered assault or harm as result of criminal behavior ( such as assault) is entitled to compensation for treatment via the NYS Crime Victims Bureau. This fund using money confiscated under RICO from criminals can be accessed to pay for therapy. I am registered with the Bureau  and can get paid directly from the state. To initiate the process call Parents for Meaghan’s Law (631 )689-2672. They will provide instruction and file the claim. You will need to file a complaint if legal processes have not been initiated, though prosecution is not required and most often not possible due to NYS Statute of Limitations laws re Sexual Assault.

Sexual Assault: Adult and Childhood Trauma

I am an advocate for those adult and childhood trauma. In fact, this fall I launched a campaign to manifest a class action lawsuit against the State of New York for violating the constitutional rights of sexual assault survivors by having statutes of limitations attached to NYS Civil sexual assault laws. Statutes of limitations are windows during which legal actions are allowed. Once lapsed no further action is permitted.

In NYS Civil Sexual Assault laws statutes are 1-5 years, 3 for clergy or teachers.  Such narrow windows eliminate access to justice for sex abuse survivors disabled by such (abuse is usually serial). I have since learned such a lawsuit will be more challenging than I knew after consulting with  a constitutional lawyer, Marci Hamilton. Marci is leading the legislative charge to change these laws in several states including NY.

Parallel to this a legislative battle took place on the same issue. The Child Protection Act won approval in the assembly and endorsement by Governor Cuomo. Senator Flanagan refused to bring to the floor in the senate citing potential bankruptcy by the Catholic Church. The law also would remove the statutes of limitations regarding civil sexual assault laws in NYS. It would permit a one year look back for past survivors to file civil suits for past crimes outside the 1- 5 year windows.

Not passing these laws enables perpetrators to continue to commit crime unchecked. On the criminal side only 4 convictions result in jail for every 100 sexual assaults and hundreds of rape kits sit on lab shelves still despite being there for 10 years.  It is far easier to correct the civil side than the criminal side.

One fact not discussed is the fact that 13% of sexual assault victims commit suicide.

For them there will never be justice or compensation. Indirectly, they were murdered. Changing these laws is about publicly calling out perpetrators and tying up their funds. If we can stop them from serial abuse, more children will be spared not only a life with disability, but will be spared the risk of not getting to their 20th birthday. This is about saving lives.


Please find your cutest picture of yourself age 4-9 and send it with a letter to Senator Flanagan. Mention the facts and points mentioned above and ask him how what would it take to not save the life pictured in the photo? Adult and childhood trauma is real, and we have to stand together to ensure we help fight against injustices such as these.  Lean more about the signs and systems of childhood trauma.

Contact Senator John J. Flanagan’s Office


260 Middle Country Road, Suite 102

Smithtown , NY 11787

Phone: 631-361-2154