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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – Huntington New York

What Is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality?

We have relied on medications for far too long, when we have the ability to heal ourselves inwardly. Leading a life that is an emotionally healthy spirituality should be your goal for the future. If you are healthy from the inside out you will be a much happier and well-adjusted person. The therapies that Herb Cohen practices work on clearing your mind and adjusting your mental happiness. Many people think that spirituality means that you are religious, but this isn’t the case. Spirituality means that you have faith in something beyond what you can see and touch. To become completely healthy, you need to be open to all things emotional and spiritual. When you achieve balance in all of these areas of your life, you will find peace.


We start with energy

Everything that is around you puts off energy, and most of it is negative. The things that you surround yourself with every day put off a negative electronic field. So, your smartphone, laptop, and television are all keeping you out of balance. If you talk to anyone that does meditation, they’ll tell you that you need to go outside to reset your body. Just spending a few moments in the outdoors will do wonders for your emotional and physical health. We all vibrate at different levels of energy, and the more that you tap into your own energy the more you can manipulate it. Herb Cohen practices many different meditations that help you clear out your energy so that you are vibrating at a higher frequency. When you are experiencing negative emotions (like shame) you vibrate at a lower frequency. We want to see you vibrating with love and joy at your highest frequency!


How does this help my recovery?

When you enter therapy, you are trying to fix your emotional health. Through meditation practices, and EMDR therapy, you can reprogram your brain for a healthier you. Chakras aren’t just for yoga, and you can use these points to improve your mental and physical health. We want you to become the best version of you through Herb Cohen’s alternative therapies. We focus on raising your frequencies, so that you remove all the negative emotions from your life. Spiritual energy is one of the highest and purest energies that you can tap into. So, it’s common to focus on spirit while you are in the practice of meditating. Although it will fell foreign at first, you will wonder how you lived your life without meditating every day.


Herb Cohen practices emotionally healthy spirituality Huntington New York on an everyday basis. It isn’t that you meditate when you need it, you meditate because it puts your life on a different path. The entire practice of living a mindful life will pull you out of the events of your past, and make you enjoy your life in an entirely new way. Are you ready for a change in your life? Contact Herb Cohen today to see how these spiritual practices can enhance your life.