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Dealing With Dissociation – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

What is dissociation?

There are psychiatric terms that many of us have hear, but few of us understand the meaning. Dissociation is defined as having a disruption of your consciousness, memory, identity, or even your environment. You can think of it as your brain having a small break from reality. In situations where you’ve experienced trauma, it is common for your brain to try to protect you. During the act of trauma your brain had to shut your feelings down to protect you. The body is an amazing thing and it will always try to survive. However, in the aftermath patients can experience a dissociate disorder where they aren’t always conscious, especially in situations that remind them of the abuse.


What causes dissociation?

Trauma is the main reason that patients present with dissociative symptoms. When a child must endure daily abuse, dissociation is a way for them to compartmentalize all that pain. Dissociation is the only way that their body knows how to survive. However, as an adult you can also experience trauma that causes you to become dissociative. Soldiers coming back from war can experience dissociation along with PTSD. In times of stress the dissociation can become worse, and it takes therapy to be able to have a healthy approach to deal with these issues.


Did you experience trauma?

It may seem like a weird question, but most adults are unsure if they should trust their memories. You don’t know if they are real memories or if you’re remembering something from a movie. It’s normal to question if things are real, and many adults go to therapy to recall these memories. Herb Cohen will help you distinguish what happened in your past, and what you should remember. We will work to recall events around trauma and work through your emotions in a safe environment. You should never try to re-enact your memories on your own, and you should always work with a licensed professional. You need a guide through your memories to ensure that you move on from the trauma and receive closure.

Can I go to therapy if I’m not sober and mentally healthy?

Absolutely. Therapy is for everyone at every stage of recovery. If you are currently in stages of addiction we will work through that as well. If you are self-harming we will go over coping mechanisms that you can use to get you through stressful times. It is better to reach out to someone for help than to handle situations on your own. Anytime you hear about someone dying from suicide or an OD everyone wishes they were there to help. Don’t let your issues swallow you whole, when you can get the therapy that you need today.


Medication is commonly prescribed to people having major issues with dissociation, and pills aren’t required for most people. Herb Cohen can provide you with alternative therapy to help you conquer the trauma of your past and move forward through dissociation. Contact us today to hear about our treatment options!