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Addiction Treatment – Herb Cohen Huntington New York

Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a word that makes many people feel at ease. Those struggling with their own addictions can find their lives in shambles. In the quest for their drug of choice, people lose their families, jobs, and much more. Finding successful addiction treatment improves your life and the lives of those around you. Herb Cohen understands how important it is to help people get their lives back on track. However, before you begin your treatment you need to know where to start.


How did you find yourself in addiction?

Nobody decides that they are going to be an addict. There is some even in your life that has caused you to turn to addiction. One of the worst things that addicts feel is shame, and they don’t think they are worthy of recovery. So many negative things can happen when people are living with addiction, and people forget the power of forgiveness. They refuse to forgive themselves for all the mistakes that they made while they were under the influence. Recovery isn’t just about learning how to cope without your substance of choice, it is also about moving forward and finding closure. Shame is tricky because it does not help you find closure, and it can stand in the way of your healing process. You need to know how to handle your shame in a healthy way.


Most people, around 80% of those suffering from addiction, suffer from trauma in their lives. Trauma is interesting because it is a frozen memory in your brain. Once you experience your traumatic event, you can’t get past it unless you seek treatment. This trauma lies dormant in your brain until it starts to negatively affect you through emotional issues. Many people suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders all share traumatic experiences from their past. Acknowledging your trauma isn’t enough, you must seek treatment that reprograms your brain. Your brain tries to forget the trauma by blocking it out, but the memory is still seen as negative. With alternative therapies, you can reprogram your brain to look at these memories from a place of neutrality.


Shame wears on your emotions.

When you don’t feel good enough, it is a daily battle to succeed in your life. You have shame that starts over events when you’re younger, and over time this shame can turn into self-loathing. Once you have hatred for yourself addiction can seem like a way to escape these feelings. Patients get high because it provides a temporary relief. Then, when they’re sober, they struggle to deal with all of their feelings again. This is a never-ending cycle of substance abuse, the shame of using, and dealing with the core feelings of the problem. The only way to stop this downward cycle is through treatment.


Why should you seek help?

Addiction is something that can end your life it isn’t treated properly, which makes it important to seek out help today. Herb Cohen is a leader in addiction treatment through alternative programs. Contact us today to go over all of our available options.