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SOUL INFORMED Therapy and Healing Disease States

My practice has been evolving spiritually and I am now able to unveil those wishing to connect with their Souls. We then dialogue with our Soul and learn how to connect and dialogue on our own. I have found when people practice, they are able to easily condition being with their Souls full time. I noticed during a Hypnotherapy/EMDR processing, the Soul jumping in with commentary and advice and then resolving the trauma memory with a comforting energy. A peace and calm that client claims to never had experienced prior. I have had a practice of using Hypnotherapy to connect to Souls to connect to otherwise inaccessible dissociated memory. I recently took this a step further and made a startling discovery. I work with many people who have developed disease states related to their traumas. When I looked a what the purpose and function of these physical conditions were, the relationship to adapting to, or surviving trauma became obvious.

 A person with Crohn’s Disease is experiencing inflammation in the Colon. The Colon is in the Dorsal Vagal region, that is our abdomen area, and is where we go when dissociating traumatic events. It is a place of immobilization and shutdown. On person I worked with had Crohn’s and I noticed in my assessment that he had dissociated memories. He was currently in Dorsal vagal energetically though he did not realize this. I showed him how to flow energy to his Colon and had him send love to this part. He immediately became anxious, escalating to almost a full panic attack. What was happening? His Colon was holding traumatic memory. If we stayed there and added bilateral stimulation, the memories would release. Our bodies want to release and heal but need our prompting to do so. Thus, his Colon was inflamed from holding so much unexpressed pain and emotion. It was how he dissociated. He does not have a disease, this part of his body stepped forward and offered to hold memory too painful for him to deal with at the time. It protected him. The Colon became inflamed to let him know it wanted to release this pain. It was the only way it could communicate.

I have worked with another individual who also needed to shut down as a child to survive. She had a younger sibling, very sick and dying. Eventually that sibling succumbed. This person was filled with an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness. But the person’s care giver demanded that she not show any emotions so to not upset others in the family. This caretaker had an anger problem and became pageful and threatening if this person emoted even slightly. The person now frustrated now had anger that also had to be stifled and not expressed. This person became dissociated at times but soon started to develop physical problems that developed into auto immune like disorders and disease states. As an adult, is a Rheumatoid Inflammatory Syndrome, and systemic full body inflammation, Fibromyalgia and Addison’s Disease, both are low body cortisol conditions. The person’s Body cortisol was 1.1 instead of in the teens due to nearly nonexistent Adrenal glands. All these conditions had this person immobilized, unable to get out of bed let alone work. After processing much trauma, I connected this person to their Soul during a hypnotherapy session and asked the Soul to connect to the Addison’s Disease. We waited and then the person said” I can feel a connection”. We asked to see if there were any memories held and soon, we were processing extremely emotional dissociated memories. This was repeated for each condition resulting in 3 hours of dissociated memory released and processed for each!

The body now released of protecting this person is now free to heal by reversing these conditions. The Soul affirmed this however, the body does not know how to initiate such healing and needs to be prompted. I instructed the person in using energy and Merkabas to get this going. A commitment was required that the person practice daily and hold the belief that 100% healing was going to occur. In two months, the person’s body cortisol was 18. The person was growing Adrenal glands!