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Videos For Healing

Mindfulness vs. Separation: Our Mind Deceiving Us

A deeper look at our process of perception as filtered through our self identified state. We learn how even subtle deceit can lead to suffering and thus the importance of mindful attention.

Being on The Fence About Starting Therapy

Are you debating whether to engage trauma therapy? In this video I explore the fears that may challenge us in making an appointment that will allow us to reclaim our life.

Rapid Grounding Using Flow

We can neutralize distress in seconds by taking our awareness into the body, to discover our own energetic vibration. From there we can launch into meditation or raise our frequency as demonstrated in the video: Herb Cohen Flow.

Herb Cohen Flow

Using Flow to Explore Frequencies and Attain Higher Consciousness

Warm Hands Planting the Seeds of Self Love

A simple tool to foster healing wounds of the heart. Anyone can benefit from enhancing self Love with this gentle nurturing exercise.

Energy Meditation Transmuting Worthlessness With Love

Herb channels healing energy to transmute worthlessness into love. This opens the gates to healthy spirituality.

How Gender Identity and Sexual Prefernce are Impacted by Sexual Assault

In treating PTSD and childhood traumas, I experience that sexual assault can wreak havoc on adult sexuality. In this video I will explain how childhood sexual assault impacts sexual preference and/or gender identity.

Homemade Chicken Soup Energy Meditation

They say Chicken Soup can heal anything. Dive in to the magical healing frequency of a delicious bowl of chicken soup. Soak up the nurturing energy in this warm and soothing guided energy meditation.

Shame and Intrinsic Shame

When recovering from addiction via 12 steps, via treatment for addiction or on your own, shame is n emotional dynamic at play and understanding the two levels of shame can make a difference between sustained recovery and relapse.